Wetherby-Pembridge School
Our Values

Welcome to Wetherby-Pembridge

Wetherby-Pembridge School is an independent school for boys and girls aged 3 to 14, located on the Upper East Side, in a superb building next to Central Park on East 96th Street.

Our school vision is built on the three central values of respect, resilience and responsibility. The children enjoy a balanced, diverse and inspiring academic programme which marries the distinguishing strengths of the British and New York educational systems. Our school curriculum and approach offer a unique option to families that seek both academic rigor and a forward thinking approach to teaching. Tailored academic advice is at the heart of our school’s ethos and families will always be welcomed to participate as full partners in the education of their children.

Wetherby-Pembridge’s educational approach is to integrate the beneficial aspects of single-sex education in a co-educational setting, thus combining the best of both approaches. Boys and girls receive instruction separately in subjects where research points to differences in learning styles. For all other curricular areas, Wetherby-Pembridge children learn together as a community, forging life-long friendships and maintaining a healthy social life.

Wetherby-Pembridge School is part of the prestigious Alpha Plus Group. It will bring to New York the rich traditions and academic excellence that are at the heart of its thriving UK schools and world famous brands.

Welcome Back!!

Summer Term at WPNY is underway and a warm welcome to all!! Although we have begun the term from the safety of our homes, we as a community are thrilled to be starting our studies, projects and activities. Our dedicated faculty have constructed an interactive platform for daily inquiry and exploration with the children from all levels.

At the helm, Ms Kate Bailey has launched this new term, armed with creative ideas, final plans and positivity. Moving forward our school community and the teaching and administration team at WPNY are full of their customary professionalism and good humour. Please do get in touch at jean.monaco@wetherbypemberidge.org.