Fall has certainly arrived and the crisp mornings, changing colours and blue skies are what make New York so special at this time of year. It has been lovely to see the seasonal changes being celebrated in the classes this week.

Our first Parent Conference will take place on Wednesday 25th October from 5.30pm. There are appointment sign-up sheets on the doors of the Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten classrooms and Kindergarten are in the Carriageway on the Parent Noticeboard. Each appointment lasts for ten minutes and we look forward to welcoming you then to discuss your child’s progress and achievements. Mrs Charteris and I will also be available to meet should you wish. No need to book an appointment as we will be in attendance. We need to keep on time with the meetings and if you wish to further conversations, your Class Teacher will be happy to arrange another visit.

Our Grand Opening is swiftly approaching and we look forward to welcoming you on Monday 30th October. A final reminder to reply to Miss Garcia by Monday 23rd October. We will have many special visitors at the School from London on the Monday and the children will have a chance to share their day and experiences. Please can the children look doubly smart that day with correct shoes (no sneakers!) and blazers. The whole WPNY team look forward to toasting you and celebrating with you in the evening- it will be quite an occasion.

Then it’s Halloween! I have never seen a City do this with such enthusiasm and 7E96 will be no exception. All children can come to school in costumes that day if they wish. The only thing I would ask is there are no masks and they do not bring in plastic weapons or fake blood. Some of you have asked if they can bring in goodie bags and I am also happy for this providing they do not contain sweets with nuts or cans of fizzy drinks. You may even see a few changes of dress amongst the staff….Have a super weekend!