A few of the team were privileged enough to join the Carters for the Macy’s Float Parade on the morning of Thanksgiving. I have never seen anything like it and it will certainly stay in my memory for a long time to come. The Family Thanksgiving Assembly at school was enjoyed by us all and it can certainly be said that the spirit of gratitude is strong! Luke Parker-Bowles (old Wetherby alumni living here in New York) kindly donated some tickets to the screening of Paddington 2 and I know that many families were able to enjoy that last weekend. The photos of your family Thanksgivings in this edition of The Wetherbridge are really special.

Saudin Robovic and Katya were a hit at school when he came to visit the children in assembly – never let it be said the Nursery are not ready to play chess! It was good to see so many potential enthusiasts across the school. Next term will see Cookery, Chess, Construction and Cavalier Kids Clubs added to the new 2018 after-school programme. It would seem that Saudin had a strong connection with one of our current families. About 17 years ago, Saudin tutored Mr Shifrin’s (father of Chloe in Kindergarten) oldest son, Jonah. There is a wonderful photograph below of the moment Saudin (right) watched over as the former world champion Gary Kasparov played chess with Jonah. I am sure one of our budding Wetherby-Pembridge students will go on to reach these heights under Saudin’s tutelage.