This Holiday edition of The Wetherbridge is bursting with all that makes Wetherby-Pembridge special. As we draw our founding term to a close, our sense of community, tradition and values are stronger than ever. It has been a pleasure to see your children settle and grow and to hear their happy laughter around the building. The Holiday Celebration last Thursday evening brought us all together and it was touching to see and hear so many of you singing and uniting round the piano, led by Mr Anderson. Mr Heusgen’s rendition of ‘Stille Nacht’ was beautiful – Miss Bailey’s solo of ‘Silent Night’, a little less so – but as we always say at WPNY, a good effort for trying!

I hope you enjoy reading my end of term letter which will reach your inboxes this week. It is important to catalogue and acknowledge the highlights of each term and to celebrate how far we have come in a very short space of time. We are proud of your children and it has been excellent to see them all rehearsing for the Holiday Show, preparing the shoe boxes for MMCC, donating coats for the Coat Drive, attending assemblies and embracing all the new opportunities that we have offered. They show such respect for Lenny, Laval and Greg at lunchtimes and winning a ‘manners housepoint’ from these three gentlemen is on a par with the Big and Golden Apple Friday awards. Family-style dining has been so central to building a strong and supportive community and I personally enjoy eating with the children each day and sharing in their stories and good humour.

Photographs are key to capturing the most memorable moments of your children’s time with us all at the School. The pictures speak volumes of the opportunity and diversity experienced each day. Well done to Zuri Alfred (Kindergarten) who has led the way with her fencing commitments at Tim Morehouse this term and you will also see images taken at our Friday assembly last week, when we thanked all the contractors who had worked so hard to deliver the School. John Englund from BKSK Architects gave a fascinating visual insight into 7 East 96 from 1913 when it had been the private residence of Ogden Codman Jr. It certainly had everyone captivated – we have a beautiful building. Our visitors constantly remark how polite and welcoming the children are when they tour the school and the teaching team should be thanked for all they do to promote this inspiring atmosphere each day.

You have all now received the new Clubs Programme for next term and at the end of this week, you will receive the new Curriculum Guides and Calendar for the Spring Term so you can get organised for all 2018 events between January and March. I have been viewing the trips planned for the children next term – this will be a very welcome addition to the curriculum and feel they will be much enjoyed.

We wish you all a happy holiday break and a healthy and restful start to 2018. We look forward to welcoming you all back in the New Year.