Twice a term we have a limited edition of the Wetherbridge. Every week is special at school, but some weeks more than most with so much to report on!
I have been on some very inspiring learning walks around the school in the last two weeks and have shared in some golden moments in classes. Whilst I thoroughly enjoy being a Head of School, I love to teach and spend quality time sharing in your children’s progress. I’ve watched some impressive classes and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Kindergarten in action in Social Studies, discussing responsibility and the different ways they can be both responsible and irresponsible at home and school. I would hope that you see an increase in helping hands at home now – let me know! I was captivated in Kindergarten Science this week, which was the culmination of a two week tent building exercise using various materials to windproof, waterproof and even lightning-proof their constructions. Many fabulous tents ensued that would put a Duke of Edinburgh camping excursion to shame! It was such fun to hear the children making predictions and then attack their tents with hairdryers and water – well done, Kindergarten! Pre-K have made me proud of their counting skills and place value and they sung their hearts out in Music, hitting that High and Low C, rapidly followed by their rendition on the bells. The Nursery never cease to amaze with their continued progress – their classroom looks beautiful, vibrant and full of colour. I was so impressed in their phonics session this week and they made a stunning dragon for Chinese New Year today, which is featured later on in this newsletter.

Then the Nursery led the way in hosting the Wetherby Senior boys who arrived to visit on their Art and Drama Residential from London. These boys had been enjoying the very best culture on offer in New York and were led by Mr Meyer and Miss Twomey. What a meeting of minds and it felt like we had the family over for the holiday weekend! Pre-K and Kindergarten took part in an excellent Drama workshop and the Nursery allowed these teenagers into their classroom, at home with the fact that the boys were nearly three times their size. Lunch was delicious and Chef Nancy laid on a special treat to make the Senior boys and staff feel at home – bangers and mash, mushy peas and apple crumble! Everyone got on famously well and friendships were forged. Mr Warner was a hero with the senior boys and Miss Twomey ran a Drama workshop which had to accommodate all ages from 4 to 17 – not easy, but quite brilliant.

These links are so important and we will hope to develop and grow these further in many new and exciting ways over the years. It was certainly a reminder of the saying, ‘small beginnings to big endings’. I wrote to Mr Bolderow, the Headmaster of Wetherby Senior last night, brimming with how well the visit had gone but above all to reiterate the manners, good humour and kindness of our pupils – it’s a sight to behold!

I wish you all a thoroughly enjoyable long President’s Day weekend and to all of you who celebrate, ‘Guo nian hao’!