There is something wonderful about being in schools as Spring descends. As you will see in this Newsletter, great excitement ensued when the WPNY incubated eggs and resident chicks arrived on Friday last week. It brought the school to a standstill, brought the very best out in everyone who attended that assembly and a real sense of excitement. I got to accompany the Kindergarten on their Spring Science ramble in Central Park and it is clear to see that ‘Spring has finally Sprung’ and we might be on the verge of enjoying some milder weather – at long last!

This is a busy term with many new and inaugural events to celebrate. Our first Whole School Photograph takes place in the Library on Wednesday 25th April next week. Please can all the children come to school looking smart and I know that Class Teachers have been in touch already. This will include all the staff and will be a fitting reminder of our Founding Year (2017-2018). To celebrate ten years of Wetherby Prep in London in 2014, I set up the Alumni Association and we commissioned some watercolours to mark the occasion. These were painted by the very talented Fiona Macpherson who lives in Notting Hill in London with her son, Marcus. She is now gearing herself up (and her paintbrush) to mark our founding journey at 7 East 96. I thought I would share them with you as they echo our small yet strong beginnings here in New York. The Whole School Photograph was taken in 2004 when Wetherby Prep opened its doors with 24 ‘Pioneer Boys’. The largest picture on the left, marks the first ten years of the School with its move to Bryanston Square and Wetherby Senior in Marylebone.

Watch this space now for Marylebone to Manhattan! Coming soon….