At the recent Parents’ League event I attended, it was good to see many of the Heads in our network and to speak with such conviction about the progress of their former children since they have joined us in September. With many new school connections made over the past year, we look to our School Director’s Breakfast at WPNY on 12th September and I am sure many old faces would be delighted to see you when they attend. Maintaining these old educational links and keeping them open has to be one of the most special aspects of your children’s growth and development. I know that many Heads I saw last week were proud to hear how far they have all come.

This week we hosted our Founding Families Summer Cocktail Party and what an event it was! Joined by current and new faces we celebrated the idea of ‘Legacy’ and as we toasted our first year with Chef Nancy’s signature cocktails, we celebrated the rich tradition of the Group and schools in the UK and the future our School now looks to enjoy here in New York. We were delighted to be joined by Graham Able, Deputy Chairman of the Alpha Plus Group, Jenny Stephen, Director of Schools and Colleges in London and Jane Ritchie our Director of Early Years. Jenny spoke so well on the benchmark quality of teaching and learning associated with our schools which illustrates what so many of you have commented on in our recent Parent Survey. I am so proud of our community and it is based on all the qualities of value, friendship and partnership that we had hoped it would be.
I do hope you get the chance to watch the new School Video – now enjoying prime position on the school website. I also hope that you can all take the time to follow us on our three social media channels – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – as the school regularly updates on all school events. You will notice that you are receiving more update emails which are for your enjoyment, but do feel free to share these with neighbours and friends and spread the word! Thank you for your comments on the Grades 2 to 8 WPNY Curriculum and this has been very well received.

As we said goodbye to the Chicks this last week, the team have commented on how well the children looked after our nine new feathery (and rather rowdy) students over recent weeks; certainly responsibility in action. Whilst the moment was tinged with momentary sadness, this was more than replaced with our preparations for the ‘Mothers and Loved Ones Tea Party’ last Friday. With decorated bags and cards at the ready, the building was filled with excitement. It was a terrific afternoon and the children did well to look after you for a change! Delicious cakes, sandwiches and Mrs Charteris even managed to convert a few of you with her ‘Yorkshire Tea’ addition. There is much planned for our Fathers event in June, as you can imagine and Chef Nancy is already formulating a culinary plan to top last week – it will be hard, I have to say, but knowing Nancy, she won’t let you down!

The week ends with our first visit from our friendly NYPD Inspector who will become twinned with our School now to work with Mr Warner to focus on our continued safety and security. As Head of School, I end my week with a large smile and a tremendous sense of pride.