Last Friday’s Family Assembly was memorable in more ways than one and allowed us the chance to showcase all we do in terms of extra-curricular activities here at Wetherby-Pembridge. It really was an impressive line-up and it was a proud moment for the Team and Head of School to see how far the school has come this year. Katya and Saudin from NYChess have a dedicated Chess following and have created a genuine passion for the game in the School. We will start the Rising New York Road Runners School Programme in the Fall and this is dedicated to physical literacy and to fostering a love of running and keeping fit for life, as well as a sporting mindset from 4 years old. The Programme is brimming with events and activities that will be piloted within the school day and beyond for family days out at weekends and holidays. Two tickets become available for the New York Marathon on application – watch this space for more information on our WPNY runners for 2018-2019! Tim Morehouse provides an excellent platform for Fencing instruction on the Upper West Side and Zuri Alfred in Kindergarten has done well to excel in the programme and I would hope more of our children will sign up next year to champion an excellent sport for the School. Chelsea FC have made quite an impression on the children this term with their voluntary soccer sessions which have been inspiring. I happened to put my head into this week’s fitness session and it was certainly demanding, physical and very good fun.

Music has been ringing through the School of late and I am delighted that Sara Dudley will be joining the Music Team to introduce Violin and the benefits of the Suzuki method. All the children will have the opportunity to try the violin in the next few weeks and I hope it will peak their interest and inspire them to take up the instrument. Mr Shifrin has certainly been modelling the benefits of years of practice and was a ‘hit’ at our recent Open Houses.

It is rare to get things right on the first attempt and this was certainly the case with our first Whole School Photograph! However, after three new takes, here we are….