We are so honored to be visited by the UK’s foremost authority on education, schools and school management, Pat Preedy. At Wetherby-Pembridge we are committed to being on the forefront of educational excellence, always innovating and evolving to ensure we maintain our gold standard of academic success.  Ms. Preedy will share best practices and her years of experience in education to help us make Wetherby-Pembridge even more amazing.

Ms. Preedy has had a long and distinguished career in education including being a global Chief Academic Officer for early childhood education, Executive Principal of a school catering for pupils from 3 months to 18 years, Head Teacher of one of the first Beacon Schools in the UK and a reporting Inspector for the Independent School Inspectorate. She completed her Masters in Educational Management, particularly investigating how schools can work in partnership with parents, and also completed a doctorate in Education. Her school improvement work stretches across many countries including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, India, USA, UK and Europe.

Ms. Preedy has conducted extensive research into meeting the educational needs of multiple birth children. She was also part of the team that developed the performance indicators in primary schools’ value-added baseline assessments (University of Durham CEM centre).

She led the Movement for Learning project which highlighted how daily movements are linked to children’s developmental stages, and how movement can address developmental delay particularly with regard to balance. She also developed Motor Movers for babies, toddlers and through to age 7 years to develop and improve fine and gross motor skills.

Ms. Preedy has also jointly led the Parents and Carers as Play Partners Project through Middlesex University (Dubai) supporting parents in providing their children with play experiences that enhance their development and learning. She is co-editor of Redefining Early Childhood Education (2018). In this book she suggests a new framework for Early Childhood Education that provides coherent provision from birth to seven/eight years. She has recently written the inspection framework for the World Refugee Schools incorporating the principles of school improvement and self-evaluation into the process.