What a busy and rewarding two weeks it has been at the School! We have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming so many new faces to 7 East 96 and the Carnegie Hill Neighbors Film Fete evening on Saturday 22nd September is featured later on in the Newsletter. We hosted 75 members of the local Carnegie Hill area as well as many of our WPNY families and it was a true family and community event. These sorts of evenings are so good for our school.

Another highlight for me was watching the whole school trying the cello with Ben Larsen at Friday Assembly and there are some super shots featured later on. I feel most inspired by the Nursery musicians who seemed quite determined to give this new instrument a go and wholly unphased that the cello was considerably bigger than most of them, too! Our new Chess Master has started with his trusty sidekick and his warmth and dedication has already inspired our new cohort of chess players. He is such an example of the personality and good character that is so key to encouraging a passion for learning. His welcoming manner alone will be so instrumental in developing real progress for our future school success in Chess. I like this shot of Charlie Watson in Kindergarten  (posted below) planning his next move- strategy starts young!

We are delighted to feature a new addition to The Wetherbridge this week called ‘Behind The Scenes‘. The purpose of this is to showcase the talents of our Wetherby-Pembridge students across the school, both inside and outside the classroom. I hope you enjoy this and I’m sure you will agree we have a talented young 2018-2019 cohort. It is so important we recognise the hobbies and interests enjoyed by your children as this is key to their growing sense of happiness and fulfillment.

I am flying back to London this week to attend our Alpha Plus Group Leadership Conference which is always an inspiring meeting of all the School Heads and Senior Leaders in our Group. I will be bringing more ideas back with me and the schedule is packed with excellent workshops on Creativity, Digital Literacy and Learning and innovation. I will share more in the next edition of The Wetherbridge.