We are excited to announce the launch of our new Notable Neighbours speaker series, where local leaders from a variety of industries and backgrounds chat with our students, families and community about their lives and careers. They will focus on finding one’s passion, entrepreneurship, persistence and overcoming obstacles.

Our firs speaker was Heather Willems, Graphic Facilitator, Bestselling Author and Visual Thinker. In an assembly with Wetherby-Pembridge students, she explored the children’s super powers and how they can use their powers to achieve happiness, reach goals and have a positive impact on their family, friends and community.

In her Parent Workshop, Ms. Willems taught parents how to draw and visualize work, family and community goals.  The exercise was informative and inspirational. One Wetherby-Pembridge parent commented, “Meeting Heather Willems was inspirational! She is open-minded, available, present and fun. No wonder she gets people and big ideas moving! I have ordered her book ‘Draw Your Big Idea’ and will use it to launch my own company. Our family also recently purchased a big white board and this weekend, we will draw out our ideas about what we want to achieve as a family, an exercise we initiated with other parents last night at Wetherby-Pembridge School.”

We are so fortunate Ms. Willems took the time to visit out school and provide our students and parents with such important techniques to achieve success and happiness in their lives and community. Professionally, Ms. Willems visualizes the biggest ideas of some of the world’s most influential companies by creating long-lasting records of ideas in a engaging, memorable way. As bestselling co-author of Draw Your Big Idea, Willems explores turning thoughts into action and dreams into reality, expressing ideas through drawing and pursuing one’s passion.

After 15 years of witnessing breakthroughs with clients, she wants to help more people achieve their goals. As Co-founder of ImageThink, she visualized big ideas for the world’s most influential thought leaders and companies including Disney, AOL, FedEx, Google, Lego, and NASA. Her work has been featured on The Today Show, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc., Forbes, Mashable and the Wall Street Journal.

Whether she’s leading one-on-one executive training or speaking about visual thinking, she has a passion for making connections. She’s spoken at and collaborated with The Atlantic, SXSW, New York Times Small Business Summit, Columbia University, Texas Conference for Women, Comic-con, PTTOW! and many more.

An advocate for entrepreneurial artists, Heather lives and works in New York. As an adoptive family, her husband, daughter and lovable pit-mix-pup love hiking, biking and exploring their neighborhood in Brooklyn.
Website: Heather Willems