1st November 2018

Welcome to November which is full to the brim with activities and ideas! Over the last two weeks the teaching team have engaged in lengthy conversations about ‘screen-time’ and the advance of technology. It strikes me that the key to this, like most things, is partnership. What can we do as a school and a family unit to work together and promote a healthy approach and balance to the effective use of IT in our school and homes? We will be holding Parent Workshops in January 2019, after the holiday break which are designed to explore this hot topic together as staff and parents. I will circle back with more news on these shortly. Either way, it is a responsibility we all have to embrace and our ‘Behind the scenes’ feature (which spotlights Cuen Moody and Sandro Panozzo this week) is one way of exploring healthy and inspiring ways to spend quality family and leisure time together.

Ms Marantos gave me an excellent recommendation last week and I have been busy exploring the site ever since. If you are new to this too, please do explore KiwiCo Tinker Crates at www.kiwico.com. There are a wealth of super creative and practical activities for all the family to enjoy at weekends and over the holidays. The activities span across the age ranges from 0-16+ and cover all topics from Geography and Culture, Science and Engineering to Art and Design, amongst many others. For the younger learners from 3 to 5 years old, there are ‘Koala’ play, exploring and discovery fun activities. I have to say, I have been rather taken with the Atlas Crate, with my love of the world and travel – it is excellent. Do explore and let me know how you get on- there is something for everyone in these crates – for the big and small kids amongst us in our school community!