New York Family Magazine asks “What Makes a 21st Century Education?” in their current Nov/Dec issue, and our Head of School Kate Bailey explains how Wetherby-Pembridge is leading the charge.


For young students still learning about who they are, what their heritage is, and where they fit into the world, having resources at school that help them learn what it is to be a global citizen—as well as how to be an active community member where they live—is essential. Here in NYC, there are a number of international schools leading the way in educational trends related to global citizenship and community-building.

One such school is Wetherby-Pembridge School on the Upper East Side—an American expansion of British sister schools, notable for following the British National Curriculum and for its equal emphasis on putting down roots in NYC and maintaining a link to British traditions. “We have a very successful program that has started this year called Notable Neighbors—it’s a way for us to be able to assimilate ourselves into the local community here in New York in a very authentic way, and often, [it’s a way] for the children to identify what makes them citizens, both now and in the future,” says Kate Bailey, the Head of School at Wetherby-Pembridge. 

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