Wetherby-Pembridge is excited to announce we have two talented artists who have joined our staff as Artists-in Residence.

Eric Helvie’s work deals directly with the act of seeing, looking, and optical ambiguity. Pulling from art history, television and film, his paintings act as props and icons: objects that glean meaning from their context and point to a larger system of understanding. In contrast to the immediacy of social media and the digital age, Helvie’s paintings offer an inherent slowness in order to really see the image, they demand patience, submission and meditative appreciation. Helvie is represented by Massey Klein Gallery in New York with his next solo show scheduled to open 1st March 2019. www.erichelvie.com

Trenton McBeth is a children’s book illustrator from Findlay, Ohio. As a child, he grew up reading Dr. Seuss and H.A. & Margret Rey (although he mainly looked at the pictures). He studied illustration in college where he developed a love for expressive and minimal characters. In 2015, he moved to New York City to pursue an illustration career and he is currently lucky enough to illustrate picture books full time. Trenton works from his small apartment in Manhattan, where he spends most of his time. When he does leave the house, he likes to watch the dogs in the neighborhood dog park and visit bookstores for inspiration. He is the illustrator of Stegothesaurus and the Big Words Small Stories series, and is also working on writing and illustrating a few books of his own. His work has been featured on Threadless and displayed at the Society of Illustrators. www.t.l.mcbeth.com