Over the 20 years I have spent in schools and education, I have attended some excellent events, witnessed some notable displays of talent and effort and have marvelled at the confidence and ability of the younger generation in our care. Having directed and produced many school plays in my time, I know how beneficial performance opportunities can be for children and how important this can be for their character development and sense of self-esteem. However, the inaugural WPNY Musical Springtime Recital Evening on Thursday 16th May last week was tremendous. With 19 children performing across Pre-K to Grade 1, the best of WPNY was showcased and memories made. My heartfelt congratulations to Mr Anderson and his expert team in Mrs Simion and Ms Mision, who have supported teaching here on the Piano and the Ukelele. Music was celebrated and whether the children were learning their instrument in school or at home, the piano, voice and the ukulele performances were enjoyed.

When I first met Mr Anderson in our Lexington Avenue offices in February 2017 before the school opened, I had asked that Music simply be enjoyed and the sound heard ringing through our building. It was hard to imagine that specific future and vision back then, with the school under construction and the children and teachers waiting in the wings until the September opening that year. Fast forward to over two years later and Mr Anderson has brought Music to the school with style. Each child performed with such confidence and delight and the audience and performers alike thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We have considerable talent amongst our students with glowing musical futures ahead- well done, everyone!