I welcomed Professor Pat Preedy to the School on 15th October for her annual three day visit to Wetherby-Pembridge. This is always a rewarding and highly inspiring time for both the children and the teaching community, and this year was no exception. For me as Head, I can stand back and watch our school, team and pupils shine and I felt most proud as Pat left us on the Thursday evening. These sorts of visits unite a talented team and bring out the best in everyone. Accountability, integrity, showing up and setting expectations of the very highest of standards gives a school the chance to excel and for everyone to discover hidden abilities and common aspirations. We were at our best last week and I thank the team for their hard work and united resolve to take the School to new levels of success.

As I said to all of your children in the Friday Assembly the next day, they should feel proud. They were commended for their manners, warm welcomes, hard work, sensible and responsible attitudes and for their feedback in meetings with Professor Preedy. The children at our School are charming and friendly. The focus we have all placed on nurturing a healthy sense of well-being, a strong understanding of our school values and a deep respect for each other and the importance of manners is certainly bearing fruit. The best and most rewarding things in life take time to grow, as we all know. The strong partnership we share with you as parents and carers and amongst our school team, means we are all committed to excellence. Slow and consistent reinforcement of the things that truly matter will make Wetherby-Pembridge students grow into the happy, balanced and well-respected individuals they deserve to be. As one Grade 2 girl suggested in assembly, if we keep going, we will become ‘unstoppable’- priceless!..

Whilst I do not often single out members of the teaching or school team, (our main strength is that we stand together), I would like to take the chance to thank the culinary team at WPNY. Professor Preedy thought our family-style lunches were truly outstanding and the quality of the food a real success. Pat has the benefit of seeing thousands of schools and colleges, so this was meaningful. We should all take the time to appreciate and thank Chef Nancy, Chef Ivan and Chef Anthony and all the work that Joe Civita and JC Food have done for us over the years. The care and thought that goes into sourcing the very best food should not be under-estimated and this team play an integral role in the success of 7 East 96th Street – thank you from us all!