It has certainly been an unconventional and slightly surprising end to the spring term. However, it is during cycles and times like this that communities come together, and new and creative solutions are found for progress. Today is the first day of Spring Break and school is due to re-open again on Monday 30th March. As I have mentioned in all recent communications, should this date or detail change, I will contact you at the earliest convenience.

As always, we look to highlight the positive in this newsletter and I am indebted to my team who have planned some impressive activities of late. My class teachers are quick to share examples of good work and progress across the school and I have viewed some excellent levelled writing pieces across Pre-K to Grade 2, seen Egyptian activities from Grade 2, heard very good reports from our tour guides in Grade 1 from their museum trip, and viewed some beautiful artwork and signs of new life in the Nursery (watch out for the guppies – coming soon to an early years aquarium like ours!) Spanish Day was a resounding success on Tuesday this week, as you will see from the photographs and review in this edition. The building was humming with Spanish music, the aroma of fresh paella and gazpacho and the sound of our vibrant flamenco workshops. The children were absolutely captivated, and Senora Alba did the school proud in every way. We stand firm in our values and passion for learning and as a result, we find that our visiting speakers and workshops very closely align with our common goals. Tuesday was no exception and Diana, Paloma and Albert brought the sounds, passion and culture of Spain and Andalucia to East 96th. It took me back to an inspiring trip to Granada and the Alhambra Palace all those years ago – I think we all felt quite transported! Either way, this type of immersive learning will have a real impact on your children. The visiting prospective parents were most impressed that day…

At this time of the year we look ahead and plans are already underway for September, the new curriculum and new goals for progress and growth. Setting high standards across the school, seeking new challenges and reinforcing current achievement is key. You will see many changes next term as we look towards transitions and the move to the new school year and classes in September. As parents, you will be offered guidance on these transitions and as children, the bar will be further raised to prepare them for the move. We are not ones to rest on our laurels here at WPNY and we seek to implement changes in order to deepen mastery and high-quality learning. We look forward to welcoming you back after the break on time and as planned and should this change, we are well-prepared to facilitate new styles of learning from home to keep your children engaged, inspired and moving forward.

Whilst recent weeks have been more challenging for many, we should not forget what a successful and happy term this has been for our community. For now, I wish you all a healthy and safe Spring Break. Should you need anything, we are here to help.