Last week, Senora Alba came to see me and asked if she could capture some photographs of the School. We are planning a few surprise Family events in the coming months, and in her quiet and humble way, she stepped forward, offered to help and then worked her way around the building, seeking to capture the best of us, at present. By no means do I publish them all here, but Alba has taken some beautiful candid shots and I am pleased to share these in our third newsletter edition today. As you know, I am a great one for celebrating my team, their talents and the children. I think these photographs speak volumes to our school return and to the outstanding camaraderie and cheer that exists alongside your children’s learning (the remaining photos will follow at another occasion).

Next week, we shall meet with our parents for our Virtual Parents’ Evenings on Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd October, and our focus turns to the academic progress and achievement of all in our care. I hope that you enjoy these detailed and informative feedback sessions. Despite all we do to cater for the well-being and daily pastoral care of your children, we have all remarked on how ready your children were, to return to the learning and inspiration at 7 East 96 Street. As I work my way around our building each week, I am privy to some excellent practice and the sheer joy of learning.

Whether you are in-person at WPNY or remote for now, we are a team at Wetherby-Pembridge. As we work towards our next Family Assembly on Friday 30th October, we look to capture all that is excellent about our exceptional school. On occasion, but not always, ‘a picture’ is certainly ‘worth a thousand words’.