Last week’s Family Assembly was good fun and since we last met in December, the team were determined to showcase a record number of different aspects of school life. Ms Alba’s quality photographs and Joey’s final videos were the icing on the cake. As ever, the aim is to throw a magnifying glass on selected school moments, you might otherwise miss as parents. The 2021 WPNY tie was successfully launched with the new slogan, ‘Live and Let Tie’ and my thanks to those of you who humoured the school community by taking part in the Zoom Tie Parade, accompanied by the James Bond ‘73 classic theme tune. Paul and Linda McCartney and George Martin would have been proud if they had been in attendance! Thank you to Dr Baum who shared this proud photograph with Frances (Nursery) on his way to school last Friday.

I am sure you will agree that this selection of photographs from Ms Alba’s latest shoot are very good. We even have a parent entry this week who has embraced our light sense of fun and humour. Our thanks to Mrs Rosenblum (mother to Monty in Pre-K) who submitted her take on ‘Sit with Bernie’. Never has our WPNY Bernie the Bear (established and named in 2017, by the founding Nursery class) felt more relevant and centre stage!