Welcome to the first Wetherbridge of the Summer Term and what a few weeks it has been! Plans are under way for our Kindergarten to Grade 3 Roald Dahl Musical Production, new ideas for the May Sports Day are coming together and the finishing touches are being added to our esteemed Summer Prize Giving events in June. I am so pleased to see the fundraising total rising ever higher for Ronald McDonald House and we shall draw the lucky winner of ‘Head of School for the Day’ at our Family Assembly on Friday 30th April. I do hope as many of you can attend this cherished event – it is International Jazz Day, after all, and we have a real treat in store for you all. Come along in good spirit and enjoy the fantastic programme we have lined up for you.

Those of you who have emailed me over the last week, know how moved I was by the passing of HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. I had a really engaging conversation with the Grade 3 last Thursday about the ‘D of E’ Award Scheme, that has formed such a fundamental part of this gentleman’s global legacy. It really is an inspiring and forward looking programme and my only regret is that your children must wait until they are 14, until they can start and take part. Wherever you will be in the world at that stage, the scheme is accessible to every young adventurer. I engaged in the programme myself at Cheltenham and successfully gained my Bronze (and most) of my Silver award. This scheme allows your children to be what they want to be… photographer, campaigner, coder, DJ; the list is endless. The award requirements encourage young people to try something new or choose activities that they will love, in order to gain skills, make friends, and achieve an award that will set them up for life.

Whilst chatting to Grade 3, it struck me just how much Wetherby-Pembridge is already instilling the mindset and set of values that happen to underpin the philosophy of this award programme. To be successful here, young people need to develop resilience, have a strong sense of adventure, be able to take risks and embrace opportunity, to be resourceful to reach a personal goal, develop life skills, help others, work on fitness and explore the wonders of the great outdoors. For completion of the Bronze and Silver Award, participants must have four categories signed off – volunteering, physical, skills and expedition and for Gold, there is a fifth category, where young people have to be highly resourceful and plan a residential and fund it personally, whilst expanding their hobbies, interests and outlook. This programme makes a difference to lives and promotes a sense of purpose and a love of life. I know your children will engage in this scheme at some stage and whether you are in New York, the wider US, Australia, Germany, or the UK, this programme will unite the students of our school in the next stages of their lives.