7 East 96 Street has been alive with learning and laughter after a long summer break. New and returning staff and faculty have been welcomed back ahead of the 21-22 school year and the building is a hive of activity.

With our focus on individualized instruction and strong educational values, our teaching team enjoy this time to reflect together as we prepare to welcome the children back next week after Labor Day weekend. Constantly learning and growing as educators, the team have enjoyed key pieces of training as we set the tone for the coming year.


Claire Gadsby

Claire Gadsby delivered an inspiring training entitled ‘Dynamically Different Classrooms- create spaces that spark learning’ and ‘Effective Assessment’. This was a resounding success, and our teachers were invited into a unique journey of classroom discovery that showed them how to design and use the space within their classroom in such a way that enhances their pupils learning experiences.

Bursting with a rich variety of practical ideas, this inspiring training into the great indoors introduced the ‘clue corners, ceiling circuits and windows of opportunity’ waiting to be discovered in our classrooms and 148 high-impact techniques were shared which are proven to boost pupils’ engagement, long-term learning, and progress.

Six key themes are introduced which can be adapted to any age group and are based around the following areas:

Metacognition and self-regulated learning

Emotional engagement

Retrieval and revision

Responsive teaching

Oracy and word wealth

Collaborative learning

As busy teachers, this training has encouraged us to reimagine the learning spaces in our school through a more creative lens. We know the children will look forward to reaping the benefits of this fresh perspective.