At our Friday Assembly last week, I was pleased to hand out the first of our Respect awards to Alexander in Grade 2 and Mia in Grade 3. These two winners were nominated for showing excellent manners, politeness, compassion and for holding the door open for members of staff and other children. We also had our first ever student nomination for respect and this was awarded by Sienna in Grade 2 to Henry in Grade 4 for showing her respect and kindness. Not only was this thoroughly deserved, but it was made more memorable because it had been suggested by a peer and friend within the school community. It is a wonderful reminder that the children value being respected as much as we do as adults. Our return to family-style lunches, has seen the children enjoying two course meals, conversing happily together and thoroughly enjoying this daily community routine. We should not under-estimate the importance of these school traditions and they are woven into the very fabric of our wonderful school. As a team, we are working together to promote manners, thoughtfulness, and consideration across the school, and I do feel it is something we do very well at Wetherby-Pembridge. I know it will serve our pupils well as they grow and move into the future. After all, it is what will get them remembered, and for all the right reasons. I do hope that you see the benefits of what we do here, at home. Many of you remark that help is offered around the house with chores, manners at family meals and restaurant visits are good, thanks to our school lunches and the friendships formed at school are based on respect and good humour outside the classroom. I would love to hear more on this and do stop me to chat. Your help to reinforce excellent manners and politeness from home is valued and is key to our home school partnership.

As we returned from our long weekend here, there has been great excitement in the building this week. Tomorrow, our Grade 1-4 classes head off to the Storm King Art Center for a day away from the classroom for immersive art and science workshops in the fresh air. For those that have not visited, this is a 500-acre outdoor museum in New York’s Hudson Valley, and the center supports artists and some of their most ambitious works. Ably led by Ms Alba and our teaching team, the children are guaranteed a fantastic day out away from the Upper East Side. I shall be sure to showcase photographs, memories, and stories at our next Family Assembly on Friday 29th October. We welcome Bruna D’Alessandro on Friday 22nd October, so we have our fair share of culture and creativity on the horizon – something for everyone.

One final thought from me this week, and this revolves around hobbies and interests. If our united aim is to help nurture happy, confident, and successful children for the future, we are not able to do this without fair consideration of general well-being. Our Mental Health Day at the School last Friday, was a real success and key themes of gratitude, self-care and balance were discussed by us all. What do your children really enjoy doing in their spare time, and this is time spent away from schoolwork or family organised/led events. No matter the age, encouraging children to experience joy and fulfillment from an activity of their choosing is a gift that will stand the test of time. I shall be showcasing some of these hobbies in my Head of School front page Wetherbridge articles. I shall call this, ‘What are WPNY students up to in their spare time?’ So, please do send me your photographs and hobbies that you would like featured – the more interesting and diverse, the better and I shall feature you in my forthcoming articles. Please send them to me, at Maybe one or two of the activities will inspire something new for your spare time.

Some taster headshot photographs, hot off the press from Ms Alba – aren’t they great?