They say, that to truly learn something you must live it. This is so true and whilst so much learning goes on each day in our classrooms across all subjects, it has been the return of our co-curricular offerings that has seen the most positive feedback since September. I would like to celebrate our trip leaders across the school this term and the inspiration, passion and pupil confidence that has been generated from these days out should not be underestimated. Ms Alba was excited to suggest a day out at the Storm King Art Center with our Grades 1 to 4 two weeks ago and her introduction of Bruna D’Alessandro last week for her metal workshops was a highlight. The day out at Storm King was a wholesome opportunity for our older children to collaborate, appreciate some unusual art and culture and to be free in this beautiful setting together. Our day with Bruna at 7E96 last Friday, was truly fantastic and saw all children appreciating her sculptures, making metal medallions, hammering with brass, and painting their own metal magnets which have formed a whole school artistic landscape. This is impressive and will be displayed in the carriageway soon for all to see. Bruna worked tirelessly with each child across the school, and they enjoyed every moment, proud of their final accomplishments. What Bruna does each day in her professional life is quite inspiring and unique and has offered fresh insight and opportunity to the children. Please do join us at our Family Assembly tomorrow, where we shall celebrate the days together and show you a preview of the artwork produced.

This week, Miss Wood leads Grade 2 and 3 on one of her favourite trips to Grand Central Station for a bespoke guided tour of the station, its architecture, history, and stories. Mr Kinsey leads our whole school Thanksgiving Trip to Greenburgh Nature Center on 10th November which looks like it will be another rare and unique learning opportunity and treat. I believe that large bags of apples have been ordered in advance for every child for apple cidering activities and animal adventures and history workshops will also be on offer for that live learning experience. Have you been watching Chef Nancy recently in her inspiring live cooking and fundraising podcasts from the Red Door Place? I always try and link her into our school Instagram so you can follow her latest news. As you know, our values are close to all we do here at WPNY and the Red Door Place and everything Chef Nancy and her team achieve there every day and week is extraordinary. We shall be suggesting more weekend volunteering dates shortly – seeing your children helping so freely and giving back, brings out the very best in them. When I worked in London, our Leavers would write articles in their Leavers Books and memories largely shared and remembered were from these trips and what they learnt with their friends. They would reminisce on the fun they had experienced, the confidence they found in themselves and the new opportunities they had to grow and learn in new ways. The last two Fridays at school have been a privilege and watching the enthusiasm and excited faces as they have returned is what this school is all about. As you know, we do not hold the children back here and Bruna helped show our youngest to our oldest artists what was possible last week.

Our next Family Assembly is tomorrow, and we hope to see as many of you there as possible at 9am on Zoom. A quick reminder from me that Gina Malin will be joining us next week at 7 East 96 Street on Thursday 4th November from 6pm. I do hope you can join us for drinks and nibbles to meet her and hear her speak briefly on her vast experience over the years, as she joins our Advisory Board. She is looking forward to meeting all of you.

Talking of living and learning, and as promised two weeks ago, I am showcasing the first two lucky students for our ‘Hobbies and Interests’ feature. It has been good to receive so many entries and I am pleased to highlight Ellie Springer (Grade 1) and Henry Strutt (Grade 4) this week…
What are WPNY students up to in their spare time?

Ellie Springer (Grade 1)
As we know, Ellie is a talented gymnast and spends a great deal of her time outside school at classes. These photos are from last year’s competitions.

Henry Strutt (Grade 4)
Henry is an avid cyclist. Since he has arrived in New York, he has been challenging himself in Central Park and his record so far is 5 times round the perimeter, which is just over 40km. He now has his sights on doing the NYC 5 Boro Bike Tour!