The return to school for the summer term saw the return of forest school with our Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten children heading off to Central Park on Wednesdays, where they’ve been busy creating bird nests, hunting for insects and building dens amongst other activities.

The forest school is a wonderful student-focused, nature-immersive, learning experience that affords our pupils the opportunity to explore education outside of the classroom. The open-air culture encourages them to think imaginatively and creatively about how the world functions – they have the chance to see how things work, how seasons change, what lives in the ground they walk on and most importantly, learn how to care for the environment.

The program fosters both curiosity and independence through hands-on experiences in a natural setting.

Our Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten girls and boys look forward to their forest school adventures and adore working outside. The opportunities for imagination are endless!