Friday 23rd was a fabulous day at WPNY!

‘Hotel California’ and ‘The House of the Rising Sun’ in one Family Assembly. What more could you ask for? A wonderful performance by Dashiell and Deacon and we look forward to many more such splendid performances by the dynamic duo!

And then three children from Pre-Kindergarten, Sandy, Florence and Joey decided to practice their own amazing handwriting, as an extra, after their class exercise. I am so proud of the handwriting they produced and delighted to say that their work is the first to be exhibited on the WWW (Wonderful Wetherby Work) board outside my office. I have asked them to pop up next week to see the board and receive a special award.

I was also lucky to spend some time with Grade 5 this week and to hear their thoughts on the school and their work. I am delighted that they will be helping at the Open House event in a few weeks, and I know they will great ambassadors for the school. I also look forward to meeting the Grade 5 pupils on a one-to-one basis over the coming weeks and getting to know them individually.

And sharing a few reading books with Pre-Kindergarten was a real highlight. I spent 45 minutes in their classroom and the time flew as we read through a diverse range of picture books. What a delightful group of children. All this in one day. As I said…Friday 23rd was a fabulous day at WPNY!

Having secured my visa, I was thrilled to return so quickly this week. I have really enjoyed visiting some of the extra-curricular clubs after school, and what a great array we have. The drama club in full flow in the rotunda, chess in the library, kung fu and fencing in the Founders Hall and many more. It is great to see the children taking advantage of the opportunities on offer and again a big thank you to Ms Bartells for putting together such a fine selection of clubs.

I was showing a prospective parent around this week and they asked me for my first impressions of the school. It was easy – happy! There is a wonderful community feeling about WPNY and I am moved by the fabulous rapport between the adults in the school and the children. All the staff care, they know the children and as a result the children feel safe, supported and at home – a fantastic environment to learn and develop.

On a sadder note, as you know, we say goodbye to Jean Monaco on October 6th. Jean has been an integral part of the school community over the last few years and has always displayed warmth and professionalism in her dealings with parents and pupils. As mentioned in my letter she will be missed, and I would like to thank Jean for her support and insight over the summer that has been invaluable to me as I learn the ropes. Of course, we welcome Jeanne McEnerney (notice the double ‘n’ in Jeanne for future reference!) and we know Jeanne will be a fabulous addition to the school.



And finally, congratulations to the following children who have been selected as school council reps and eco-warriors.


School Council and Eco-Warriors 2022-2023


School Council Eco-Warrior


Dashiell Gardner (5)

Priya Gilbert (4)

Alexander Stanleick (3)

Julian Horwitz (2)

Max Fernandes (1)

Audrey Koo-Green (K)

Fifi Rudebeck (EY)


Caitlyn Foster (5)

Mia Foster (4)

Sienna Feldman (3)

Penny Chollet (2)

Hazel Dare Kodama (1)

Annabelle Horwitz (K)

Sandy Howell (EY)




The Eco-Warriors are tasked with helping the Wetherby-Pembridge community to protect, cherish and improve the beautiful world around us. Last year, for example, the Eco-Warriors helped to remove plastic litter from Central Park, promoted waste-consciousness at lunchtimes and encouraged the teachers to conserve energy in their classrooms. They even raised nearly $500 for the ASPCA through their PJs for Pets Day! We are all so excited to learn of the Eco-Warriors new initiatives for the 2022-2023 school year.


And to the school council reps who will meet with myself to share the views and opinions of all the children in the school on matters relating to the running of the school. What can we do better? What do we need more of? What should we change and why? What can make a positive difference to the school? All these ideas will be discussed, and possible solutions shared with the rest of the school in assembly. I look forward to meeting with the school council and hearing all their ideas, suggestions and solutions.