Our first ever fixture! We were all so thrilled that Grade 4 and 5 participated in our first WPNY sports fixture. As you will read from Mr Kinsey’s report, it was a lovely occasion with a huge amount of fun had by both schools, and we look forward to further sports fixtures with Alexander Roberston and other schools over the coming months.

It was a pleasure to welcome Joanna Cawley from Carnegie Hill Neighbors to WPNY to assist in the planting of daffodils in the flower bed directly in front of the school. Ten children representing the different grades were provided with a trowel, gloves and plenty of daffodil bulbs! Joanna gave a brief talk and demonstration on how to plant a bulb correctly before allowing the children to plant at least 8 or more bulbs each. We look forward to the spring and hope to see a flower bed full of blooming daffodils! Thank you to Joanna for her help and we look forward to further joint projects with Carnegie Hill Neighbors.

As you will probably know Pug has arrived! Nzuri survived the trials and tribulations of seven days on the Queen Mary and has already become a much-loved member of the school community. Nzuri particularly enjoys hearing the children reading aloud and she has visited three classes where the children have eagerly shared their books with her. I also had the pleasure of spending sometime in Pre-Kindergarten where five children read their books beautifully to Pug while some of the other children told her stories or drew her pictures. She is fast becoming a well-educated Pug!

I was delighted to welcome Max Fernandes from Grade 2 to my office who proudly showed me the wonderful story he had written based on, ‘How to Find Gold,’ by Vivian Schwarz. Mr Stephenson and I both felt it was certainly worthy of a place on the WWW Board and Max read his story aloud to the whole school in assembly very confidently and with real expression. As you can see it was a lovely story containing fabulous vocabulary, great descriptions, and a gripping plot. A wonderful piece of writing, Max!

Also, I was thrilled to have a visit from Corin in Nursery. Corin, without prompting, produced a gorgeous painting of an apple tree and it was the first time Corin had shown in interest in using a paintbrush. What a stunning result!

Thank you to Miss Rundle for her lovely assembly on Growth Mindset. The main themes of the assembly were to establish what is meant by a Growth Mindset and to share real life examples from both the WPNY staff and a powerful TED talk ‘A Mindset of a Champion’ from Carson Byblow. Carson was, at the time, a fifth grader who talked about his struggles with reading and how he put the theory of a Growth Mindset into practice. Miss Rundle delved into discussing a few further tips of how to change our mindset and finally we left with some questions to ask ourselves at the end of each day such as:

· What new things did I learn today?

· What mistakes did I make and what did I learn from them?

· How did I challenge myself today?

· How have I developed my passion or interests today?

And finally, a huge shout out to the three WPNY New York Marathon runners Mr Tritcher, Mr Horwitz and our very own Miss Wood. What a truly heroic effort. The dedication, perseverance, and sense of fun from all three runners was truly inspirational and I have already

heard of both staff and parents who have been inspired to enter the marathon next year. Also, a big thank you to all the families involved with running lemonade, food and arts and crafts stalls outside the school during the marathon to help raise money for +POOL. It was a truly great day.

We look forward to welcoming you to some of the exciting school events organized by both the school and the PA in the coming weeks and in the meantime, I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving week.