Welcome to the WPNY Parent Spotlight Series!

Each month, we’ll be introducing two of the parents in our community. Our mission with this series is to build connections across the parent community and also learn from each other. If there’s a parent in your class that you think does something fun or interesting—it could be a job, a hobby, a skill, charity work, or anything else — or has a unique story to tell, please let your class rep or one of the PA chairs know. (Don’t be afraid to nominate yourself.)

As for me, I’m Joey Bartolomeo, mom of Tully Trichter in Grade 2. I’m a longtime magazine writer and editor and currently the Features Editor at The Week Junior, a magazine for kids ages 8-14. (The US version is a spinoff of a successful UK-based magazine. I clearly have a theme in my life.)

WPNY Spotlight Series Nov 2022