The rainforest comes to the Upper East Side, courtesy of Miss Wood, Grade 3 Teacher at Wetherby-Pembridge

The children of Grade 3 at WPNY arrived at school this week to find the space outside the classroom transformed into a rainforest! This resulted in immediate curiosity and engagement from the children and it was wonderful to hear the them start to ask questions from the moment they entered the room. After a brief introduction, the children were given the opportunity to research and create the plants and animals that live in this habitat and add them to the display.

Throughout the coming term, they will learn about this habitat in greater detail before exploring the controversial topic of deforestation and the negative effect it can have on animals, plants, human beings and the environment. Subtly, the display rainforest will begin to disappear and, along with it, the children’s plants and animals. It may be disconcerting for the children to see the demise of their rainforest, but we hope this experience will help to engage the children in the topic as well as providing empathy for those involved in the controversial and devastating issue of deforestation.