About Us

Wetherby-Pembridge School is both academic and dedicated to nurturing each individual child in our care. Whilst setting high educational standards and developing each child in a progressive environment, we are also deeply focused on inspiring the individual to reach personal confidence and success. Developing respect and manners in an atmosphere based on integrity, kindness and family values is at the heart of all we aim to achieve.

We understand families often move around the globe and want reassurance that their children are developing transferable and competitive academic strengths in preparation for entry examinations.  Wetherby-Pembridge School gives focused attention to preparing students for the educational path they aspire towards, whether that be in the UK, US, or the wider world.

The school has a capacity of approximately 280 students growing organically with the first intake into the Nursery Program, Prekindergarten, Kindergarten and Grade 1 in September 2017. The school will go up to Grade 8.

Opening September 2017



Wetherby-Pembridge School is an independent school for boys and girls aged 2.8 to 14, located on the Upper East Side, in a superb building next to Central Park on East 96th Street.

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