Ethos & Vision

Wetherby-Pembridge School offers a bespoke curriculum combining the rigorous British National Curriculum and New York’s progressive student-centred teaching approach.

Our school vision is to awaken curiosity, cultivate high standards, celebrate successes and encourage children to continually question and create in the world around them.

We aim to offer a unique experience combining all the merits of a single-sex education, whilst providing every student with outstanding co-educational learning opportunities.

The unique balance between these two educational settings offers diverse avenues for achieving personal academic fulfilment, social growth and for building the individual confidence of every student in our care.

We work closely with our students to develop competitive academic strengths in preparation for entry examinations and offer our families an open and supported path for the future of their children, whether that be in New York, London or internationally.

We aim to develop a life-long approach to learning with a strong focus on intellectual curiosity, integrity and family values, whilst preparing each student for positive success and achievement.

We ensure that the qualities of kindness, citizenship, resilience and good manners become the hallmark of Wetherby-Pembridge School’s students. They develop into happy, secure, well-rounded and inquisitive learners.

Our students are respectful, thoughtful, sociable and motivated ambassadors for the school and our local community.Wetherby-school-boy-chess

We aim to create an environment where students can express their views openly and effectively in consideration of sound values, rights and responsibilities.

We work in close partnership with parents and carers to maintain excellent and welcoming channels of communication between home and school. Our philosophy is to celebrate and share each step of a student’s educational journey and to build a strong family culture and ethos.

Finally, our philosophy is that success begets success. Every parent knows that a child’s sense of accomplishment gives them the self-assuredness and momentum to step further and higher. Children have achievements big and small each day and they thrive best when these are noticed and celebrated.  For this reason, we uphold many traditions around celebrating accomplishments such as awarding Housepoints, Head of School’s Good Shows and Weekly Achievement Awards for citizenship, learning and extracurricular talents, all of which are recognised in Weekly School Assemblies.

Opening September 2017



Wetherby-Pembridge School is an independent school for boys and girls aged 2.8 to 14, located on the Upper East Side, in a superb building next to Central Park on East 96th Street.

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