Tuition Fee Schedule 2023-24

The following will be open for entry in 2023-24:


Pre-Kindergarten (Reception)

Kindergarten (Year 1)

1st Grade (Year 2)

2nd Grade (Year 3)

3rd Grade (Year 4)

4th Grade (Year 5)

5th Grade (Year 6)

Tuition Fees for 2023-2024

Tuition Fees include all school supplies (textbooks, school stationery and IT equipment) day trips, hot lunch and snacks and some school clubs.

Nursery – $37,800

Pre-Kindergarten – $45,350

Kindergarten – $53,900

Grades 1-3 – $55,000

Grades 4 and above – $56,100

Please note that families who are interested in applying for financial aid for the 2023-2024 academic year are required to submit their application by December 1st 2022. Please contact for additional information.