Our vision for Early Years is based upon the premise that every child receives the very best education that both inspires and engages him or her. This engenders an accelerated progress ensuring the children have a solid base of key skills and are ‘school ready’ at the end of their Pre-Kindergarten year.

Interwoven in our practice is the belief that high expectations for both the children and ourselves inspire and enable goals to be reached and exceeded.  To do this we have embedded a systematic approach based upon the UK Early Years Foundation Stage that ensures enhanced learning opportunities for all.

Our enhanced EYFS Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten (Preschool) program allows our little learners to become creative and critical thinkers, acquire the vital traditional skills of reading, writing and numeracy and become effective, confident communicators through play and exploration and discovery both inside and outside.

By using a range of carefully thought out goals and the 7 defined areas of learning and development, teachers will ensure that every child’s individual needs are met and that challenging yet achievable activities encourage new skills, knowledge and a thirst for learning.

These 7 Areas are used to plan a child’s learning and activities and are divided into Prime and Specific Areas.

Prime Areas are developed first as the most essential for child’s healthy development and future learning. These are:

  1. Communication and Language
  2. Physical Development
  3. Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Specific Areas are added from the age of 3. These are:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

Our classrooms and outside areas are equipped with top-of-the-range multisensory learning resources and well thought out educational activities that stimulate the children’s natural curiosity and develop life-long learning through experience and exploration.

Progress is still regularly reviewed to ensure that children get the support they need to develop and thrive at this incredibly important stage.

The Early Years Foundation stage introduces literacy and numeracy skills earlier than many American preschools, meaning that our children are more comfortable with these concepts and better prepared by the time they move on to the Kindergarten stage of their education.