Based on our track record of success preparing our UK students for top senior schools, Wetherby-Pembridge offers students the chance to exit to top independent High Schools across the US, internationally and in the UK. The quality and balance of our competitive curriculum and the bespoke nature of our provision, prepares students and families for their chosen Schools. From Grade 5, families meet with the Head of School to prepare for the future path they wish to take and students are placed on the right academic track to account for correct testing and assessment requirements.

Students become part of our international alumni network and there are opportunities for exchange programmes between our London and New York schools from Grade 7 and 8. Wetherby-Pembridge families and students learn about reputable Senior Schools in the US and beyond through regular Senior School events hosted at 7 East 96 Street. This way, a familiarity of top on-going schools is developed and a personal understanding achieved of what it takes to reach carefully-selected academic goals for the future. When appropriate, scholarship tracks are actively encouraged for those students aspiring to top academic, creative, musical and sporting awards.

The core subjects will be complimented by World History, Geography, Spanish, Classics, Drama, Music, Art and Computing which will continue to be taught by specialist teachers. Wetherby-Pembridge will offer expert and targeted support to students whilst ensuring they are provided with opportunities to learn in larger environments through senior school links, particularly in the STEM subjects.

Basic Study Skills are also taught to help students manage time effectively and organise heavier working schedules independently. Work Experience and Young Enterprise opportunities are encouraged in the Middle School, with a view to prepare our students for the wider world and to become ambassadors of the School. Leadership and fundraising opportunities are presented so that students grow into expected responsibilities within the School community.

Annual dramatic performances in the Middle School take place in the School Theater and Music Concerts celebrate all Lower and Middle School Choirs, orchestras and ensembles. Debating societies, public speaking opportunities and competitive sporting team events form an expected balance to all academic responsibilities. Wetherby-Pembridge promotes a culture of excellence strongly founded on the three school values of respect, responsibility and resilience.