Our children enjoy a balanced, diverse, and inspiring academic programme. Our school days are designed to be a rich learning experience where children are challenged and fulfilled at all stages of the curriculum. They are supported by a faculty that promotes excellence and opportunity in all areas, so the children gain a genuine love for learning and a desire to achieve and succeed.

Kindergarten  Curriculum

From Kindergarten through to Grade 5, our curriculum tracks the English National Curriculum at a pace, complementing traditional academic subjects with varied co-curricular programmes that enrich and broaden each child’s education. We recognise the success of the British system in preparing young learners for the increasingly competitive field of on-going education, which is why we offer this blended approach.

Our curriculum explores history, geography, and cultural studies with a unique offering across world history, along with an exciting programme of sport, music, creative arts, and languages. Students in Key Stage 1 and above also benefit from common content themes that span English, mathematics, science, and social studies so that they benefit from in-depth knowledge of a subject from multiple angles and disciplines. Studying is fun, interactive, and exploratory, with weekly learning projects that they can share with their friends and family.

This approach, with our rigorous standards and personal support, mean that students are uniquely prepared to attend top schools in NYC, the UK, and internationally. During Grade 5, children are also offered additional preparation for 11+ examinations in London so that they are ready to attend some of the world’s most prestigious schools in England.