From Kindergarten to Grade 5, the children are considered to be in the Lower School at Wetherby-Pembridge. Spanning both Key Stage 1 and 2, pupils are encouraged to take on more responsibility as they progress throughout the school and independent learning and study skills are introduced as the breadth of the curriculum expands.

Once pupils reach Grade 2, Social Studies is replaced by an extended Geography and World History program and Drama and Public Speaking are incorporated into the weekly schedule. All pupils learn Latin from Grade 2, as part of the Classical Civilization curriculum, which also covers Greek Mythology. More opportunities are provided to take part in Student Council and Debating events across the School.

By the end of Grade 5, pupils are ready to join the Middle School and families begin to explore their intended route to top High Schools in the US. Families can also be prepared for the 11+ route in the UK if this is required. The Head of School has strong links with all of the destination senior schools in the UK and these partnerships will offer our families further support in the process.