Whilst responsibility for the governance of Wetherby-Pembridge New York rests with the Board of the Alpha Plus Group in London, an Advisory Board has been appointed to provide the necessary local support and supervision. The Advisory Board will usually meet three times per year and its minutes will be received by the parent Board at its next meeting.

Members of the Board will be appointed by the Chairman of the Alpha Plus Group.

The Board will be expected to:

  • Oversee the educational provision, leadership and efficient running of WPNY
  • Support and, where appropriate, challenge the Head who will report in writing prior to each Board meeting under a range of headings including enrolment, standards, health & safety and safeguarding. There will also be a written financial update from the Finance Director of the Alpha Plus Group
  • Promote the school in the local community
  • Receive and question verbal reports from visiting Alpha Plus executives at each board meeting
  • In partnership with the Directorate of the Alpha Plus Group, help to set strategy and monitor standards

Board members will be appointed for an initial three year term which will be renewable for further terms of three years. Membership will cover the necessary areas of expertise including education, finance and property.

Board meetings will take place in mid-October, mid-March and late May.

The Chairman or Deputy Chairman of the Alpha Plus Group will usually come to New York to chair the Advisory Board meetings. They will be ex-officio members of the Advisory Board and will receive all Board papers.

Members of the Alpha Plus executive will carry out their termly governance check visits during the two days prior to Advisory Board meetings and will stay to report verbally at those meetings. The Finance Director of Alpha Plus will provide annual accounts for the October meeting (the financial year ending on August 31st) and the budget for the following academic year will be presented for discussion at the March meeting.

The Head of the School will arrange for a minute taker. The Head will normally attend all meetings but may be asked to withdraw whilst private business is discussed.