Whilst setting high educational standards Wetherby-Pembridge also focuses on inspiring the individual to gain personal confidence and reach success.  Developing respect and good manners in an atmosphere of integrity, kindness and strong family values sits at the heart of all we aim to achieve.

Core Aim

Sowing the Seeds for Success

  • We all want to be the best at something and we each have different ideas of what success means.
  • The most important seeds for success are vision, knowledge, honesty, confidence, action and persistence.
  • Nothing should stop us from trying.
  • Success takes time and strength but persevere and small efforts will soon become big successes.

Core Values

The foundation of all we do is based on three key words:

  • Respect
  • Resilience
  • Responsibility

These can be explained to all pupils, even the youngest children, through example, clear boundaries and outstanding teaching.