Wetherby-Pembridge offers a unique education for your children in New York City.

Our families enjoy an inspiring journey from the Nursery through to Grade 8 based on the trademark success of our schools in London. On joining the School, you become part of our established international alumni network and a wider educational community which is both family-focused and forward looking.

The main question is what sets us apart and what can we offer your children.

Our high academic standards, traditions and humour all combine to create a passion for life-long learning. Our education opens doors to all top academic High Schools in the US, the UK or internationally. Whilst we bring the merits of a British education to Manhattan, we are passionate about all that New York has to offer your children and we are fortunate to be learning in such a culturally diverse city.

The school days are vibrant and full of opportunity; where social responsibility, citizenship, and good character are as important as intellectual success. We help every child develop a sense of balance and a healthy overall perspective of the world.

Our beautiful school building at 7 East 96th Street marries the classic and traditional with a fresh and new design and its close proximity to Central Park and Museum Mile, on Fifth Avenue, make it an ideal location for extended learning.

Our faculty has been drawn from a wide pool of talent. Each person brings expertise, energy and commitment that will enthuse and inspire your children and ensure you as parents and carers are part of that important educational journey.

I look forward to welcoming you to our school.

Kate Bailey