Our school offers a unique option to New York families seeking both academic rigor with excellent social emotional development. The blended curriculum at Wetherby-Pembridge marries the distinguishing strengths of the British and New York educational systems, preparing students for the next step in their education journey.

The school’s emphasis is on individualized instruction, meeting every child where they are, and ensuring all children succeed within and outside of the school. Tailored academic advice is at the heart of our school’s ethos and families will always be welcomed to participate as full partners in the education of their children.

  • Rigorous academic environment
    The school’s rigorous academic environment that blends the best of the American and UK systems to provide an education that prepares students for any next step.
  • Individualized instruction
    The School meets every child where they are and ensures all children succeed within and outside of Wetherby-Pembridge. We take a holistic view of the child and work with our families to cater to the differing learning styles. Our academics are rigorous but they are balanced with excellent social emotional development. It is not a pressure cooker. Children are confident and they love school a lot.
  • A family school with a close-knit community
    Wetherby-Pembridge has developed a strong school community with enthusiastic parents who indicate their students are thriving socially and academically. We focus on being a family school that welcomes the participation and feedback from all parents.