At Wetherby-Pembridge School, we look to create a fun and supportive environment to allow children to flourish in athletics and sport, regardless of age or ability. Our children are encouraged to get involved and work in an environment where participation, performance and passion are rewarded.

We partner with neighboring 92NY and swimming and gymnastics are offered all year round. Our sports program continues to grow with numerous external partners and pupils also take park in soccer with the French Football Federation, rugby with Play Rugby USA, fencing with New Amsterdam Fencing Academy and karate with Tiger Strong Karate NYC to ensure a high-quality Physical Education program is in place:



External Partner

Rugby Play Rugby USA
Football / Soccer French Football Federation
Fencing New Amsterdam Fencing Academy
Swimming 92NY
Gymnastics 92NY
Basketball 92NY
Tennis Finalizing links with US Tennis Association
Karate Tiger Strong Karate NYC


Health, fitness and well-being is valued across the School and each child is encouraged to adopt a positive view for a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Currently, the curriculum provides children from Kindergarten to Grade 5 with the following lessons each week:

1 x (at least) 45 minutes of P.E.

1x (at least) 45 minutes of swimming

1 x (at least) 45 minutes of gymnastics

Pre-Kindergarten also have a swimming lesson and a lesson in the gymnastics studio each week, both 45 minutes in duration.

The WPNY Physical Education Vision Statement

The three concepts represented in the triangle below are of equal value and all education about sport at WPNY is focused upon achieving balance between these three parts:

Performance WPNY strongly believes that all children should have access to a high-quality Physical Education program that provides them with the knowledge and skills that they need in order to be able to compete, achieve and excel in a wide range of different sports and physically demanding activities.

Participation – WPNY seeks to sustain a culture that promotes healthy competition, whilst also placing an emphasis on helping children to enjoy team sports. This will enable the children to learn, practice and champion key values such as respect, fair-play, sportsmanship and teamwork.

Passion – By providing children with the opportunity to experience a wide and varied range of sports and activities, it is hoped that the Physical Education program can motivate and inspire all pupils to lead lifelong active and healthy lifestyles. At WPNY, all sports are viewed to be of equal importance. Whether it is a sport that is widely played and popular, such as soccer/football or basketball or a sport that may be less widespread, such as rock-climbing or fencing.

These skills, of course, extend way beyond sport and can be used in many parts of our lives. How fantastic that our children are learning these crucial behavioral attributes that will help them operate and thrive in all situations.